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Migrating your Docker Apps from Nginx to Traefik

With Traefik it's so easy, it's almost boring

Setting up Traefik with docker-compose

Because setting up a reverse-proxy was never so easy

Use Linux haveged when docker-compose hangs on your new Ubuntu VM

It's all about your system's entropy

Jenkins Shared Library: pipeline inheritance via Jinja2

Make your pipelines inherit from a base pipeline with the help of templating

Docker GUI forwarding on your Macbook (Pro)

Run GUI apps in your docker container and have them displayed on your Mac host

Setting up your Go development environment with Docker Alpine

Set up a Docker Alpine image with Go and mirror the host user on your local PC inside the container.

Setting up Jenkins Docker to dynamically create Docker slaves (Docker-in-Docker)

Jenkins Docker Tutorial Part 4 - Set up your Jenkins docker server via Jenkins Configuration as Code such that it dynamically spawns Docker nodes for job executions.

Setting up Jenkins Docker with Jenkins Configuration as Code Plugin

Jenkins Docker Tutorial - Part 3: Learn how to use Jenkins Configuration as Code to set up your Jenkins Docker instance automatically.

Set up your Jenkins Docker image with default plugins

Jenkins Docker Tutorial - Part 2: Learn how to extend Jenkins' official docker image in such a way that your resulting container spawns with pre-installed plugins of your choice.

macOS: make /var/backups/<folder> writable for your user

Change the access rights of /var/backups using the terminal such that it's writable by your user.

Set up your Jenkins Docker service to run as the current host user

Jenkins Docker Tutorial - Part 1: Customize the official Jenkins Docker image and learn how to set the UID and GID of the default Jenkins Docker user to the one of the host's user.

Ansible: Fetch a backup of a PostgreSQL DB that runs in a Docker container on a remote server


Setting Up an Ansible Inventory

Tutorial: define your remote machines as varibales using ansible inventory

Influence of horizon and return on the variance of the policy gradient estimate

A mathematical analysis of how the horizon length and the return influence the variance of the policy gradient estimate in reinforcement learning

Communicating with applications outside of ROS from within your ROS node

using Python's socket module

Starting your ROS application with a Python script

using Python's subprocess module

Setting up a Docker Container with Python 3, ROS and TensorFlow GPU

Automate the boring stuff with Docker

Policy Gradient still unbiased after subtracting state dependent baseline

A mathematical proof

Transcribing Audio Files Using Google Clouds Speech-to-Text API on macOS

In this tutorial we convert .mov and .ogg files to .flac in order to use gcloud's speech-to-text API

Google Cloud Startup Script: Setting up a Deep Learning VM for Berkeley's Deep Reinforcement Learning Course

gcloud shell scripts for UC Berkeley's DeepRL course

Connecting to TensorBoard of your Google Cloud VM via port-forwarding

Port-forwarding TensorBoard to your local PC's browser

Setting up Google Cloud's Deep Learning VM with GPU from the Command Line on macOS

Via Google's Deep Learning VM image

Hoeffding and Union Bound

Classical probabilistic tools for upper bounds proofs

Reward and Regret in the Stochastic Online Learning Setting

A mathematical formulation

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