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Back in 2018, when I created this blog here (, I was in love with Python and had recently fallen in love with Docker so I was looking for a personal project where I could merge these two technologies. The result was this blog, built with Wagtail and Docker (compose), and some bunch of other technologies like Postgres, Redis & ElasticSearch.

A little while ago, I started learning Go. This made me wonder what Go has to offer when it comes to personal websites and blogs, so I googled and found Hugo, which claims to be "the world's fastest framework for building websites".

So I got curious and set up a completely new website with a new domain:

I've decided to stick with it for two reasons:

  1. I like the domain name more: all major "" domains have been taken which was the reason why I chose "". However, recently I was lucky to get the "" domain, and the top-level domain happens to match my profession (I guess there are not many Poehlmann developers out there else that domain would have been taken).
  2. I like the tech stack of my new blog more.

It's set up with Netlify, so it makes use of GitOps, i.e. I only have to push changes to the main branch of my blog repo on Github and Netlify gets notified and builds my new website.

Unlike the blog here, which uses a CMS (Wagtail) and database (PostgreSQL), and which provides a rich backend where I have to log in and create new blog pages in a browser GUI, the new Hugo blog is just a static website. I.e. all pages on that blog are simple Markdowns living in my GitHub repo, here:

I like how "simple" this whole tech stack is (simple in a sense that I only have to write Markdown files and push them to GitHub. No backend to log in, no database to backup, etc. pp.). And of course the whole automation behind it, all of it provided as a service by Netlify, for free.

Also, one more thing I like about the theme I'm using for my new blog: it has a switch button that let's choose between day and night mode! Awesome, isn't it? :P

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