• Moving to a new domain & blog: andrei.poehlmann.dev

    It's time to Go (pun intended)

  • Migrating your Docker Apps from Nginx to Traefik

    With Traefik it's so easy, it's almost boring

  • Setting up Traefik with docker-compose

    Because setting up a reverse-proxy was never so easy

  • Use Linux haveged when docker-compose hangs on your new Ubuntu VM

    It's all about your system's entropy

  • Jenkins Shared Library: pipeline inheritance via Jinja2

    Make your pipelines inherit from a base pipeline with the help of templating

  • Docker GUI forwarding on your Macbook (Pro)

    Run GUI apps in your docker container and have them displayed on your Mac host

  • Setting up your Go development environment with Docker Alpine

    Set up a Docker Alpine image with Go and mirror the host user on your ...

  • Setting up Jenkins Docker to dynamically create Docker slaves (Docker-in-Docker)

    Jenkins Docker Tutorial Part 4 - Set up your Jenkins docker server via Jenkins Configuration ...

  • Setting up Jenkins Docker with Jenkins Configuration as Code Plugin

    Jenkins Docker Tutorial - Part 3: Learn how to use Jenkins Configuration as Code to ...

  • Set up your Jenkins Docker image with default plugins

    Jenkins Docker Tutorial - Part 2: Learn how to extend Jenkins' official docker image in ...

  • macOS: make /var/backups/<folder> writable for your user

    Change the access rights of /var/backups using the terminal such that it's writable by your ...

  • Set up your Jenkins Docker service to run as the current host user

    Jenkins Docker Tutorial - Part 1: Customize the official Jenkins Docker image and learn how ...

  • Ansible: Fetch a backup of a PostgreSQL DB that runs in a Docker container on a remote server


  • Setting Up an Ansible Inventory

    Tutorial: define your remote machines as varibales using ansible inventory

  • variance-pg

    Influence of horizon and return on the variance of the policy gradient estimate

    A mathematical analysis of how the horizon length and the return influence the variance of ...

  • ROS and Python

    Communicating with applications outside of ROS from within your ROS node

    using Python's socket module

  • ROS and Python

    Starting your ROS application with a Python script

    using Python's subprocess module

  • ROS and Python

    Setting up a Docker Container with Python 3, ROS and TensorFlow GPU

    Automate the boring stuff with Docker

  • baseline

    Policy Gradient still unbiased after subtracting state dependent baseline

    A mathematical proof

  • black.png

    Transcribing Audio Files Using Google Clouds Speech-to-Text API on macOS

    In this tutorial we convert .mov and .ogg files to .flac in order to use ...

  • black.png

    Google Cloud Startup Script: Setting up a Deep Learning VM for Berkeley's Deep Reinforcement Learning Course

    gcloud shell scripts for UC Berkeley's DeepRL course

  • black.png

    Connecting to TensorBoard of your Google Cloud VM via port-forwarding

    Port-forwarding TensorBoard to your local PC's browser

  • black.png

    Setting up Google Cloud's Deep Learning VM with GPU from the Command Line on macOS

    Via Google's Deep Learning VM image

  • hoeffding_union_bound

    Hoeffding and Union Bound

    Classical probabilistic tools for upper bounds proofs

  • regret

    Reward and Regret in the Stochastic Online Learning Setting

    A mathematical formulation

  • bc2-index

    Lemma von Borel-Cantelli (Teil 2)

    Beweis des 2. Teil des Lemmas

  • dockercompose

    docker-compose: mount existing volume into postgres service

    Tutorial on how to mount an existing Docker volume into a new docker-compose service

  • dockercompose

    docker-compose: vorhandenes Volume in Postgres Service mounten

    Tutorial: mittels docker-compose bereits existierende Volumes in neue Container mounten

  • docker

    Docker Tutorial: Datenpersistenz über die Lebensdauer des Containers hinaus (Teil 1)

    In diesem Tutorial lernen wir, wie man Daten über Containerinstanzen hinweg aufrecht erhält mit Hilfe ...

  • bc1-index

    Lemma von Borel-Cantelli (Teil 1)

    Beweis des 1. Teil des Lemmas